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New construction affords the opportunity to purposefully structure HVAC, plumbing, electrical & low voltage systems and the acoustical aspects of a building.  This structure helps to limit noise transmission between adjacent spaces, between interior and exterior spaces and within the interior spaces.

As with existing spaces, feelings about conceptual spaces can be very passionate.  Working together to identify the proper solution to enhance the quality of a room acoustically only serves to improved the finished product.  At MBF Audiovisual we look for integrated ways to control the acoustics of a space.  Whenever possible we like to blend into the architecture when the space warrants an acoustical presence we coordinate with the architect to ensure the results match the concept. 

In new construction as well as existing construction we take the approach of getting to the know the customer as well as the intended space.  Using complex software we can estimate what the acoustical environment will be like.  Determining the amount of reverberation helps to identify the amount and placement of acoustical treatment within the space. 



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