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There are no Hard and fast rules or concrete statements about studio acoustics.  As such we are very general in our statements however our understanding of the requirements of the space and the nature of acoustics has served us well in the past. 

Studios require a unique blend of acoustic and aesthetic treatments to accomplish the end result of a desirable  recording atmosphere.  It is common to find a mix of rock, wood, carpets and acoustical treatments in the studio environment.  The studio or instrument space nearly always depends on an asymmetrical acoustical layout to provide a variety of sound texture and decay with minimum loading up of excess sound energy.  Instrument spaces can be communal or individual depending on the nature of instrument to be recorded or the budget of the client.  Many instrument spaces have the ability to vary the acoustics depending on the feeling desired by the artist. 

The control room while having the same variety of surface treatments is nearly always symmetrical from side to side.  Early reflections in the mix area are not desirable and generally steered toward a diffuse or absorptive surface depending on the return path.  Equipment layout can play as much a role in control room acoustics as material choice.  In fact many times they are one in the same.  A traditional console surface is a great reflector but not in a good way.  Equipment racks, seating, studio windows, studio doors, furniture all play a large role in the determination of what goes into the control room.

Production spaces on the other hand may be found in closets or storage rooms or the occasional bedroom.  Again depending on the nature of the work accomplished in the space little treatment may be required such as in dubbing or archiving suites.  Larger production spaces for live video production can be treated like recording studio control rooms but are a little more forgiving concerning early reflections. 

Ultimately a consolidated effort from architectural, electrical, lighting and acoustical professionals provides the best finished result. 

I should note that these spaces generally have highly accomplished and knowledgeable professionals working within them.  These professional will have an even greater say in what the space should develop into.  


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