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Acoustical Solutions for Existing Spaces



Creating Acoustical recommendations for existing spaces requires a combination of science, art and a certain about of relationship counseling as well. 

Many existing spaces have a history or heritage of sorts that makes changing the architecture to improve the acoustics difficult.  At other times brand new spaces have an incredible aesthetic and character but miss the mark on acoustical quality.

If remodeling a room to fix acoustical anomalies is not in the plan or budget many times a satisfactory solution can be obtained with less expensive off the shelf parts placed in specific locations.  A skilled contractor can hide absorbent, reflective or diffusive materials and still achieve the acoustical correction required. 

At MBF we take the approach of getting to the know the customer as well as the space.  The first task in developing a plan to improve the acoustics of a space starts with understanding what is important to the customer.  Then we test the space electro-acoustically to determine exactly what is happening and where it is coming from. 

MBF is also very concerned about budget and while we use the same principles in treating each problem space no two rooms require the same solution.  We identify the problem, search for the appropriate solution and create a plan for completion.  

Please follow the link to our project references and see some of the innovative solutions employed to solve acoustical problems in a variety of different spaces.




project references



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