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Documentation and construction management are the foundations of a quality project.  Without them there is no accountability to the concept or design.

At MBF Audiovisual our people have been servicing, designing, and integrating complex audio, video and control systems for nearly twenty years.  In the last five years alone we have designed or managed over 150 projects.  Our tenure in the area of systems integration gives us the experience to manage the design and integration of your audiovisual system. 

At MBF Audiovisual we have worked hard to develop standards for the documentation we generate.  Our documentation is process driven.  We take the concept and features conceived in the schematic design phase and create development documents using our tested processes. 

Working hand in hand with architects, electrical engineers and other trade consultants we generate an integrated document package. This document is designed to cross reference with other aspects of the project.  Mounting details, elevations, sections all reflect or incorporate aspects of the building architecture.  Rough in plans incorporate conduit requirements and box sizes.  Specification sections reference other aspects of the project that our documents depend on or compliment.


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